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1.I have received an Advanced Payment Notice (APN) from HMRC, can I challenge it?

APNs have been challenged under Judicial Review.  The case failed so HMRC will be pursuing them as planned. In our experience, it is best to engage with HMRC at the earliest possible opportunity.  You can do this by joining our group.

2. Why should I join the Withers group tax case?

With the failed challenge to the legitimacy of Advanced Payment Notices in the High Court, we believe that your best course of action is to let us deal with HMRC on your behalf and join our group action to recover your financial position.  As a group, we will be able to put greater pressure on your advisers to settle your mis-selling claim in a more timely and efficient manner than more expensive individual actions.

3. What is the case against my advisers and what are its chances of success?

We believe that investors have a clear case to make against their professional indemnity policies of their accountants or IFAs.  To enter into a scheme of this complexity, the FCA requires the investor to self certify as a “Sophisticated Investor” – a top level categorisation of financial understanding.  In our opinion, the advisers who encouraged their clients to sign self certifications were clearly negligent.


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