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Withers and Litigation Management have joined forces to provide support for individuals, partnerships and trusts who have entered into tax planning arrangements that are now subject to HMRC scrutiny, and specifically those that have used avoidance schemes. HMRC is publishing information about their disclosure of tax avoidance schemes (DOTAS) on its website, and in many cases individuals and companies are issued with accelerated payment notices to ensure that the disputed tax is paid up front.

We believe that investors have a clear case to make against their professional indemnity policies of their accountants or IFAs.  To enter into a scheme of this complexity, the FCA requires the investor to self certify as a “Sophisticated Investor” – a top level categorisation of financial understanding. In our opinion, the advisers who encouraged their clients to sign self certifications were clearly negligent.

If you have invested in a scheme and now would like to know more about what this means, or if you have received an Advanced Payment Notice (APN) from HMRC, you can get in touch below, and we will assess your situation and the possibility of you joining our group tax case.

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